Top 23 Weight Loss Tips for Women


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Diet and exercise could also be key elements of weight loss for girls, but many different components play a role.

In reality, research present that every part from sleep high quality to emphasize levels can have a serious affect on starvation, metabolism, body weight, and stomach fats.

Fortunately, making just a few small adjustments in your every day routine can carry huge advantages on the subject of weight loss.

Here are the highest 23 weight loss ideas for girls.

1. Cut Down on Refined Carbs

Refined carbs endure intensive processing, lowering the amount of fiber and micronutrients in the ultimate product.

These foods spike blood sugar levels, increase starvation, and are related to increased body weight and stomach fats (1Trusted Source2Trusted Source3Trusted Source).

Therefore, it’s greatest to restrict refined carbs like white bread, pasta, and prepackaged foods. Opt for whole-grain products like oats, brown rice, quinoa, buckwheat, and barley as an alternative.

2. Add Resistance Training to Your Routine

Resistance coaching builds muscle and will increase endurance.

It’s particularly useful for girls over 50, because it will increase the quantity of calories that your body burns at relaxation. It additionally helps protect bone mineral density to guard towards osteoporosis (4Trusted Source5Trusted Source).

Lifting weights, utilizing fitness center tools, or performing body-weight workout routines are just a few easy methods to get began.

3. Drink More Water

Drinking more water is an easy and efficient strategy to promote weight loss with minimal effort.

According to at least one small research, consuming 16.9 ounces (500 ml) of water quickly increased the quantity of calories burned by 30% after 30–40 minutes (6Trusted Source).

Studies additionally present that consuming water earlier than a meal can increase weight loss and reduce the quantity of calories consumed by round 13% (7Trusted Source8Trusted Source).

4. Eat More Protein

Protein foods like meat, poultry, seafood, eggs, dairy, and legumes are an essential half of a healthy diet, particularly on the subject of weight loss.

In reality, research word that following a high-protein diet can reduce cravings, increase emotions of fullness, and boost metabolism (9Trusted Source10Trusted Source11Trusted Source).

One small 12-week research additionally discovered that rising protein intake by simply 15% decreased every day calorie intake by a mean of 441 calories — ensuing in 11 pounds (5 kg) of weight loss (12Trusted Source).

5. Set a Regular Sleep Schedule

Studies counsel that getting enough sleep could also be simply as essential to losing weight as diet and exercise.

Multiple research have related sleep deprivation with increased body weight and greater levels of ghrelin, the hormone accountable for stimulating starvation (13Trusted Source14Trusted Source15Trusted Source).

Furthermore, one research in girls confirmed that getting at the least seven hours of sleep every evening and improving total sleep high quality increased the probability of weight loss success by 33% (16Trusted Source).

6. Do More Cardio

Aerobic exercise, often known as cardio, will increase your heart price to burn additional calories.

Studies present that including extra cardio to your routine may result in important weight loss — particularly when paired with a healthy diet (17Trusted Source18Trusted Source).

For greatest outcomes, intention for at the least 20–40 minutes of cardio per day, or round 150–300 minutes per week (19Trusted Source).

7. Keep a Food Journal

Using a meals journal to trace what you eat is an easy strategy to maintain your self accountable, and make more healthy selections.

It additionally makes it simpler to count calories, which could be an efficient technique for weight management ((*23*)).

What’s extra, a meals journal can assist you persist with your targets, and might consequence in larger long-term weight loss (21Trusted Source22Trusted Source).

8. Fill up on Fiber

Adding extra fiber to your diet is a typical weight loss technique to assist gradual the emptying of your abdomen and maintain you feeling fuller for longer (23Trusted Source).

Without making another adjustments to diet or life-style, rising dietary fiber intake by 14 grams per day has been related to a ten% lower in calorie intake and 4.2 pounds (1.9 kg) of weight loss over 3.8 months (24Trusted Source).

Fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, seeds, and complete grains are all nice sources of fiber that may be loved as half of a balanced diet.

9. Practice Mindful Eating

Mindful eating entails minimizing exterior distractions throughout your meal. Try eating slowly and focusing your consideration on how your meals tastes, appears to be like, smells, and feels.

This apply helps promote more healthy eating habits and is a robust software for rising weight loss (25Trusted Source).

Studies present that eating slowly can improve emotions of fullness and might result in important reductions in every day calorie intake (26Trusted Source27Trusted Source).

10. Snack Smarter

Selecting healthy, low-calorie snacks is a good way to lose weight and keep on monitor by minimizing starvation levels between meals.

Choose snacks which might be excessive in protein and fiber to advertise fullness and curb cravings.

Whole fruit paired with nut butter, veggies with hummus, or Greek yogurt with nuts are examples of nutritious snacks that may help long-lasting weight loss.

11. Ditch the Diet

Although fad diets typically promise fast weight loss, they will do extra hurt than good on the subject of your waistline and your health.

For instance, one research in faculty girls confirmed that eliminating sure foods from their diet increased cravings and overeating (28Trusted Source).

Fad diets may promote unhealthy eating habits and result in yo-yo dieting, each of that are detrimental to long-term weight loss.

12. Squeeze in More Steps

When you’re pressed for time and unable to suit in a full exercise, squeezing extra steps into your day is an easy strategy to burn additional calories and increase weight loss.

In reality, it’s estimated that non-exercise-related exercise might account for 50% of the calories your body burns all through the day (29Trusted Source).

Taking the steps as an alternative of the elevator, parking farther from the door, or taking a stroll throughout your lunch break are just a few easy methods to bump up your complete quantity of steps and burn extra calories.

13. Set Attainable Goals

Setting SMART targets could make it simpler to achieve your weight loss targets whereas additionally setting you up for success.

SMART targets ought to be particular, measurable, achievable, related, and time-bound. They ought to maintain you accountable and lay out a plan for easy methods to attain your targets.

For instance, as an alternative of simply setting a objective to lose 10 pounds, set a objective to lose 10 pounds in 3 months by conserving a meals journal, going to the fitness center 3 times per week, and including a serving of vegetables to every meal.

14. Keep Stress Under Control

Some research counsel that increased stress levels can contribute to a better threat of weight acquire over time (30Trusted Source31Trusted Source).

Stress may additionally alter eating patterns and contribute to points like overeating and binging (32Trusted Source).

Exercising, listening to music, working towards yoga, journaling, and speaking to associates or household are a number of easy and efficient methods to decrease stress levels.

15. Try HIIT

High-intensity interval coaching, often known as HIIT, pairs intense bursts of motion with temporary restoration durations to assist maintain your heart price elevated.

Swapping cardio for HIIT just a few times per week can amp up weight loss.

HIIT can lower stomach fats, increase weight loss, and has been proven to burn extra calories than different actions, similar to biking, working, and resistance coaching (33Trusted Source34Trusted Source).

16. Use Smaller Plates

Switching to a smaller plate size might assist promote portion control, aiding weight loss.

Although analysis stays restricted and inconsistent, one research confirmed that individuals who used a smaller plate ate much less and felt extra glad than those that used a normal-size plate (35Trusted Source).

Using a smaller plate may restrict your portion size, which may reduce your threat of overeating and maintain calorie consumption in test.

17. Take a Probiotic Supplement

Probiotics are a sort of useful bacteria that may be consumed through meals or dietary supplements to assist help gut health.

Studies present that probiotics can promote weight loss by rising the excretion of fats and altering hormone levels to reduce urge for food (36Trusted Source37Trusted Source).

In specific, Lactobacillus gasseri is a pressure of probiotic that’s particularly efficient. Studies present that it could actually assist lower stomach fats and total body weight (38Trusted Source39Trusted Source).

18. Practice Yoga

Studies present that working towards yoga can assist forestall weight acquire and increase fats burning (40Trusted Source41Trusted Source42Trusted Source).

Yoga may lower stress levels and nervousness — each of which can be tied to emotional eating (43Trusted Source).

Additionally, working towards yoga has been proven to reduce binge eating and forestall preoccupation with meals to help healthy eating behaviors (44Trusted Source45Trusted Source).

19. Chew Slower

Making a aware effort to chew slowly and totally can assist increase weight loss by chopping down on the amount of meals you eat.

According to at least one research, chewing 50 times per chunk considerably decreased calorie intake compared to chewing 15 times per chunk (46Trusted Source).

Another research confirmed that chewing meals both 150% or 200% greater than regular reduced meals intake by 9.5% and 14.8%, respectively (47Trusted Source).

20. Eat a Healthy Breakfast

Enjoying a nutritious breakfast very first thing in the morning can assist begin your break day on the suitable foot and maintain you feeling full till your subsequent meal.

In reality, research discover that sticking to a daily eating sample could also be linked to a reduced threat of binge eating (48Trusted Source49Trusted Source).

Eating a high-protein breakfast has been proven to lower levels of the hunger-promoting hormone ghrelin. This can assist maintain urge for food and starvation underneath management (50Trusted Source).

21. Experiment With Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting entails alternating between eating and fasting for a particular window of time every day. Periods of fasting usually final 14–24 hours.

Intermittent fasting is regarded as as efficient as chopping calories on the subject of weight loss (51Trusted Source).

It may additionally assist improve metabolism by rising the quantity of calories burned at relaxation (52Trusted Source).

22. Limit Processed Foods

Processed foods are usually excessive in calories, sugar, and sodium — but low in essential nutrients like protein, fiber, and micronutrients.

Studies present that consuming extra processed foods is related to extra body weight — particularly amongst girls (53Trusted Source54Trusted Source).

Therefore, it’s greatest to restrict your intake of processed foods and choose for complete foods, similar to fruits, vegetables, healthy fat, lean proteins, whole grains, and legumes.

23. Cut Back on Added Sugar

Added sugar is a serious contributor to weight acquire and severe health points, similar to diabetes and heart disease (55Trusted Source).

Foods excessive in added sugar are loaded with additional calories but missing in the vitamins, minerals, fiber, and protein that your body must thrive.

For this cause, it’s greatest to attenuate your intake of sugary foods like soda, sweet, fruit juice, sports activities drinks, and sweets to assist promote weight loss and optimize total health.

The Bottom Line

Many various factors play a role in weight loss, and some prolong far past diet and exercise.

Making just a few easy modifications to your life-style can assist promote long-lasting weight loss for girls.

Including even one or two of these methods in your every day routine can assist maximize outcomes and promote healthy, sustainable weight loss.

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